The Invisible World

The Invisible World

Boston journalist Sam Adams suspects that his father may have been the infamous gunman who shot President Kennedy from the grassy knoll in 1963. True or not, Sam is certain that his father, the elusive John Adams, is responsible for his sister Abigail’s tortured life of drugs, prostitution, and the conviction that she is a descendant of the Salem witches, as well as the strange circumstances that surround his mother’s final hours.

After his mother dies and is cremated, her ashes are stolen, causing Sam to pursue his father, whom he has not seen in years. In his search Sam discovers that he is not the only one trying to locate his father—federal agents, a disgraced politician, a retired Boston cop, and several journalists join the chase.

The Invisible World portrays how a remarkable family is indelibly blemished by one of the darkest events in American history. “The Invisible World is more than a first-rate political thriller,” says the Boston Globe. “It’s an absorbing tale of alienation and loss, and the ramifications of a rootless, troubled family.” What Sam Adams ultimately discovers is that the shadowy realm of conspiracies conjures a world of hidden truths and intrigue in which the familiar is the most mysterious force of all.

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